My Favourite Saturday Ritual

Is to not take a shower. 😁⠀

These days I tend to mostly be indoors on #Saturdays with nowhere to go at all. ⠀
I promise it wasn’t something I started deliberately, lol. I just found that after a while, unconsciously it became a habit I formed. 🙊🤷😂⠀

My other favourite Saturday ritual is to wake up as late as I possibly can because it’s #Saturday! I mean! ⠀

There was a period a couple of years ago where it was attending #weddings whether I knew the couple or not. I’m sure you guys have heard of “mo gbo mo ya” which literally means, I heard and I branched. Lmao! 🤣⠀

It was ridiculous! Sometimes I’d have 3 or more “weddings” in a day and just go and “faaji” (enjoy and party) my life away. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Especially those wedding #afterparty weddings were arriving by 8, 9, 10 pm is normal coz we’re going to be there till 12 midnight or 1am having fun. Anyhoo, I digress. 😋⠀

It’s ironic though that the one day I choose not to take a shower these days is also the day that I choose to make sure my environment and clothes are clean and tidy. Lol. ⠀

Fam, what’s your favourite Saturday ritual? ⠀

What’s A Mistake People Often Make About You?

This one is an easy one! People usually mistake me for a snob. 😂🤣😋 ⠀⠀
I used to hear it so often (and usually after a while directly by the person) “First time I met you, I didn’t like you, I thought you were this, that or the other, blah, blah, blah.” Then, of course, they go on to say how that dislike turned to like etc. ⠀⠀
I’ve not lived very long but in my short sojourn on this earth, I now know from experience that being liked is overrated, so is being disliked. Why do I say this? ⠀⠀
Humans are very fickle by nature so literally some people like you one minute and then the next minute, they don’t like you. ⠀⠀
I used to pay attention to those things before but now I’m so unbothered. I just live my life and do me in accordance to God’s will and plan. 😎⠀⠀
Life is short so just, #live#love and #laugh. 😁😎⠀⠀
Fam, what’s a mistake people often make about you? ⠀⠀

Four Items I’d Put In A Time Capsule Box

For those who don’t know, a time capsule according to Google dictionary is “a container storing a selection of objects chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future.” ⠀

I did this during my A-Level days in the #UK and it was so much fun to be a part of. I even put a #Nigerian mini flag in there. ⠀

Today, the first thing I would put in a time capsule box is a #car. Any type of car. Let’s assume the time capsule will be opened 100 years from this year 2020. By that time I really do believe they would have flying cars, or you just press a button and poof! You instantly appear wherever you want to go. So I would like those awesome futuristic people to see how we primitive people get around today. 😁😂 ⠀

The second item would be a #mobilephone also for the same reasons I gave above. A hundred years from now, would they even be using mobile phones? This one that some people are already using #hologram #technology. The future is nearer than we think o! ⠀

The third item would be something really scary. The reason is that I love a bit of mischief and they likely won’t be expecting it so they would be scared out of their minds. The only thing is, I don’t know what would scare people in the future so maybe the joke is on me after all. 😋😂 ⠀

The fourth item would a list of popular slangs of today’s culture from all around the world because I want them to have an idea of what we consider today the trendiest style of speaking. ⠀

Fam, what four items would you put in a time capsule? ⠀

Have You Ever Had An Encounter With The Police?

You see because I currently live in #Lagos #Nigeria, the real question which should be asked is “Have you ever NOT had an encounter with the #Police?” ⠀

Essentially, what I’m driving at, is for most #Lagosisans, it’s a regular part of our everyday lives here whether you own your own form of transportation or not. ⠀

I’ve had plenty of encounters with the #Police, I’ve lost track. Why? Because in Lagos, the Policemen are FAMOUS for stopping #drivers (both private & commercial) and saying the following equally famous line, “Oga/Madam/Sister, anything for the boys?” or another classic “Happy weekend sah! (or ma)” ⠀

My most memorable encounter was one day, I was driving back home a few years ago (a bit late, most likely anywhere b/w 11pm & 12pm) and I got stopped on Falomo Bridge. ⠀

I had a 9-5 then in an #Oil & #Gas Service firm (this is the part I remind y’all I’m actually a #PetroleumEngineer by training) & I was driving my mom’s #Corolla (I named Betty lol). ⠀

Anyways I don’t look my age and it’s always been a great source of entertainment, mischief with a dash of grief for me as I enter establishments & the staff don’t know whether to address me as “ma” or “sister” 😂 Let’s not get started on those who disrespect me because they think I’m a small girl. I digress.⠀

So this Policeman stops me & he’s like “Anything for me?” and I’m like “I don’t have anything o, I’m going to my Father’s house, oga it’s late please let me be going.” & then he’s like “ahn, ahn, big girl like you! I’m sure you work in all these Oil and Gas firms.” ⠀

I calmly look at him and say “Amen o! Sorry to disappoint you but I’m a student in #UniLag (University of Lagos)” ⠀

I could see the wheels in his head spinning as his face registered shock first, then confusion. ⠀

*Meanwhile, in my head, I was 🤣🤣 at his reaction, if only he knew.* ⠀

He looked at me again and probably thought to himself, all these “ajebutter” (pampered) kids driving their parent’s cars, then he let me go. ⠀

I wound up the window, put my radio back on at full blast and drove off laughing. I had just pulled the greatest trick of all time, I had beaten a Lagos Policeman at his own game.

Fam, have you ever had an encounter with the police?

What Are Your Best Character Traits?

The first thing that came to my mind with the help of the #HolySpirit were the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5 verse 22 & 23.⠀

22 -The fruit of the (Holy Spirit) (the work which His presence within accomplishes) is love, joy (gladness), peace, patience (an even temper, forbearance), kindness, goodness (benevolence), faithfulness⠀

23 – Gentleness (meekness, humility), self-control (self-restraint, continence.) Against such things, there is no law (that can bring a charge). ⠀

Honesty is the best policy so, my best character traits according to above are; ⠀

My love for people & my joy is apparently legendary. This is the one consistent feedback I get from people, even those who don’t like me. It’s like I don’t like her but I can’t take away from her the fact that she’s a joyful, happy person. Also my name literally means #Joy in #Yoruba language so at least I live up to my name.⠀

Peace – Anyone who knows me knows I can be quite mischievous & I look for trouble but it doesn’t mean I don’t like peace or I’m not peaceful. My mom says I was a very peaceful, happy, non-fussy baby. ⠀

Patience – Honestly this is one thing God has been working on me over the past few years; I thought I was patient till He put me in situations where people TESTED my patience and I flew off the handle and lost my temper that even me, I was like where did that come from? Lol. It’s a work in progress but it’s much better now. ⠀

Kindness – I’m told I’m kind by most people so I graciously accept that, thank you!⠀

Goodness – I believe I have this trait nurtured early in me via my upbringing so thanks, family! ⠀

Faithfulness – Check! This applies to anything you’ve committed to do (work, church, business, etc.) ⠀

Gentleness – Honestly I have the meek part covered but the humility one, God showed me I have low-key pride which is the worst type. The one where you think you’re humble but you’re actually being proud? So yeah, a work in progress. Thank God for grace. ⠀

Self-control – Check! The number of times I’ve not slapped somebody & I’ve bit my tongue given said temper I mentioned I’m prone to having is an indication I do indeed have self-control. 😂

Fam, what are your best character traits?

My Three Celebrity Crushes

I genuinely don’t have any at the moment but I’ll list 3 I used to have the biggest crush on when I was younger. 😁⠀ ⠀

1. Orlando Bloom – @orlandobloom especially when he played Will Turner in #Piratesofthecaribbean #dying (I was a #teenager then so excuse you and your judgement lol)⠀

2. Blair Underwood – @blairunderwood_official

3. Ramsey Nouah – @ramseynouah ⠀

Remember those #Tennislessons I mentioned in my Day 2 post of this writing challenge? The one where I started learning how to drive in secret? I bumped into Ramsey at #Ikoyiclub as I was heading in one day and he was heading out. ⠀

I asked him for an autograph in excitement and he graciously obliged. I literally ran to the car to get a book for him to sign while he waited. (I was also a teenager then, so excuse you and your judgement of me o! 😂😂😂😂!) ⠀

Guys! Who are your celebrity crushes o? Let us know! No judgement from me. Hehehehe. ⠀
⠀ ⠀

What I Miss Most About My Hometown

The tube, the red buses, the big clock, high street shopping, #fish and #chips#thorntons #icecream, the centralised location and a host of other things. ⠀

Can you guess which city in the World I’m referring to? 😎⠀

If you didn’t get it by the first thing, then you should have gotten it by the second thing on the list. Hehehe. ⠀

Childhood Defining Moments

The day one of my aunties got robbed shortly after she left our house. She rushed back in, nervous, shaking and cowering with fear with none of the things she had left our house with. Of course, my mom and I rushed over to her and comforted her and she told us how the robbers had pulled a gun on her (somewhere around #falomobridge) and told her to quietly surrender everything she had on her or risk her life. ⠀

Now because I was still very young so I started crying and was very upset at the thought of losing her; so much so that the adults started to comfort me. This was a defining moment in my childhood because it was my first brush with the possibility and finality of and suddenness and abruptness of #death. 😩⠀

The other defining moment for me that day was the callousness and coldness of human nature which becomes more evident when others are suffering or facing misfortune. ⠀

Our then #maid/house help was in the #kitchen washing plates, she was the one who had opened the door to my panic-stricken aunt and yet she showed no concern whatsoever and went back to the kitchen to continue her chores. 🙄😒🤷⠀

What got all of us upset was her indifference and the fact that we were having this conversation in the corridor leading to the kitchen, so she could hear everything. ⠀
She offered no sympathies or showed no concern even though my aunt had come back to our house so abruptly 15 minutes after she had left with all her stuff missing except the clothes she was wearing. Plus she had almost died! 😤⠀

I can even understand the indifference to the missing things, after all, they are just things right? But she had a real-life gun pulled on her! What if they had shot her? And yet a fellow human being was acting so unconcerned. Smh. 🤦⠀

At such a young age, I was already learning about the realities of life, it wasn’t pleasant but I’m the wiser for it now. ⠀

Things That Make Me Happy

Knowing God loves me, my relationship with #God#family#food#money#music #sleep, going to the #beach#reading#writing#hangingout with REAL friends (catch that), #cooking!

Hay God, when I’m in the mood, I can #cook for #Africa and the #UnitedKingdom combined. 😁⠀

I love cooking dishes I can already cook and I LOVE experimenting and trying new things out. My present self has already seen my future self owning a restaurant or food business of some sort by God’s grace. 🙏⠀

Last but not least, #icecream!!! If the Bible was telling the story about me and how I’d sold my birthright to my sibling, it would not have been porridge but ice cream. It’s a problem. 🙈⠀

When I lived in the #UK, the only reason I didn’t become fat was because I applied the indulge yourself but with moderation rule strictly. Now that I live in #Lagos, my love for ice-cream is not getting me fat because it’s an expensive luxury and the readily available, cheaper versions suck! I’m very finicky and only go for premium ice-cream most times. ⠀

Let me stop writing before I drive to the nearest ice-cream shop. 😂😂😂😂⠀

Fam! What things make you happy in this thing called life? ⠀

Something I’m Looking Forward To

If you asked me this question a decade ago, I would have said getting #married. ⠀
Of course, I’m still looking forward to that however in this decade, I’m looking forward to earning my first #billion whether in #Naira#Pounds or in #Dollars. Cash me outside, how bah da? 😋😁😉⠀

It’s not only #Teni that wants to be a #billionaire o, biko. 😎😎😎😁⠀

In summary, I’m looking forward to earning my first #billion and getting #married. 🙏⠀

Best believe I will come back to this post to reminisce when the two things happen by God’s grace. ⠀

What are you looking forward to? Speak it into existence with faith and watch it come to pass!⠀