My Favourite Movies

One of my favourite movies is #breakfastattiffanys. I mentioned on day 42 that I love classic movies and this one is my all-time favourite movie. ⠀

Fun fact in case you’ve seen it and you still don’t know, #Audreyhepburn character was a prostitute. 😮⠀

It’s just crazy to me that because of the #fashion of the time the #movie was set and because of the way she dressed, it’s not very easy to tell. Her character was very glamorous, stylish, classy and elegant so I don’t blame you if you don’t know. ⠀

Also because moral values were still a lot stronger back then, it was subtly revealed to us the true nature of her character and it wasn’t all up in our faces. ⠀
I stumbled upon that fact when I was reading about the movie and believe you me, my mind was blown. Woah!⠀

Anyways, my other favourite movies are #comingtoamerica and #lionking. ⠀
#dearfuturehusband and #dearfuturekids, I’m going to watch coming to America and Lion King with you and still not get tired. They are just classic and timeless stories. ⠀

I mean king finds ideal queen against all odds and king overcomes all odds to claim his rightful inheritance. Hellooooo, what’s not to love and watch over and over again?⠀

Fam, what are your favourite movies? ⠀ ⠀

My Role Model

Hmmm, I’m asking myself do I have a role model? 🤷 I don’t have any role model, I don’t think so to be honest. ⠀

If you force me to choose, then #God is my role model. 🙏😎⠀

The reason I say this is because we’re created in His image and we’re being transformed daily into His perfect image and likeness (spiritually speaking). That said, I don’t think it makes any sense to be trying to emulate another human being when God is right there. ⠀

I’m a work in daily progress but until the day I die, He’s the one I’m striving to be conformed to His perfect standard. Less lying, less anger, less just bad behaviour and sinning. By the way, sin is sin in God’s eyes. Lying is no less serious than fornication and adultery. ⠀

So yeah, God is my role model. Let me see which technicality police will come and arrest me and say ehn but He’s not a human being. Lol. ⠀

Fam, who is your role model? Do you have any? If yes, who? ⠀ ⠀

Have You Ever Run Away From Home?

Lmao! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m literally laughing as I write this because what’s funny to me is the fact that it happened in my adult years, not as a rebellious teenager or a naughty child. 🤷⠀

Yes, people, I have “run” away from home and it was as recent as 2018! 🙈 Between late January and sometime in February. ⠀

Now, technically, I didn’t “run away” in a literal sense, it was more like I gave a very valid and perfect excuse to my parents to leave but deep down, I was actually “running away” because I was absolutely fed up. 🤦⠀

See it’s not easy to be a single pringle in the third decade of your life and still be living with your parents because let’s be honest, they be doing the most sometimes! 🙄🙄🙄🙄They be doing way too much and at that point, my cup had runneth over (and not in a good way). 🙄🤷⠀

So one day, I did some quick calculations, got my story perfectly straight, packed a few things and drove off into the #Lagos sunset. 😂😜🤷⠀
Hashtag, I cannot come and go and die and kill myself away. 🙄😂😋⠀

Honestly, if I had enough money at that point in time I would have left the Country so thank God I didn’t have enough money then. 😁⠀

It took some convincing from some good #friends like @ihumsisaac and @fayvuur and an unfortunate incident that happened for me to go back home but I did eventually.🙏⠀

Isn’t this life just a very hilarious story unfolding every day? 😂😋😂😎⠀

Fam, have you ever run away from home? Child o, teenager o, adult o. Share your story with me so I feel a bit less silly.😂🙈🤣😋⠀ ⠀

The Most Important Lesson I’ve Ever Learned

The most important lesson I’ve ever learned is, “An open teeth does not mean an open mind.” Essentially just because someone is smiling and laughing with you does not mean their hearts and minds are truly with and for you. ⠀

The #Bible has kuku told us, the human heart is desperately wicked, it’s so wicked it even deceives us! Our own selves! How much more other people? 😨⠀

I strongly believe this is one of the reasons why my love language is #actsofservice so your actions have to speak louder than your words but even then sef people do things they don’t really mean. Or even worse, they do certain things with an ulterior motive and it all stems from having a wicked heart. 🤦⠀

Thank God for #discernment, it’s a key counter to this very important lesson. 🙏⠀

The summary is people, don’t be deceived! Just because someone is smiling with you and checking up on you every day doesn’t mean they truly care for you. On the flip side, the person who acts like they don’t like you may actually be your greatest admirer/fan. ⠀

I also like to say this especially in this #SocialMedia age, just because someone is not following you, does not mean they are not following you! Lol. The same goes for engaging with your posts. Don’t worry I’m guilty too so we’re all on this table I’m shaking very hard. Lol. ⠀

Shout out to everyone who reads my posts and does not like it. Have you eaten today? Hehehe. 😂😂😂😋😂🤗⠀

Fam, what’s the most important lesson you’ve ever learned? ⠀ ⠀

What Was Your Favourite Book As A Child?

It’s funny, considering the fact that I love #reading and #writing and #books, I’m drawing a blank. I think it’s mostly because I was probably too young to remember anything since I’m being asked specifically to write about childhood. ⠀

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I honestly can’t remember what my favourite book was as a child but I remember I loved to draw and fill out colouring books. 😁🤷😁⠀

I remember my mom would always bring me back books like that to colour and fill in when I was a child and I always looked forward to drawing in them. ⠀

I also like comic books and I remember in my grandparent’s house, they had a lot of publications which had cartoon drawings and comics in them. I loved to read those but I think I was a bit older by then. ⠀

Anyways fam, what was your favourite book as a child? ⠀ ⠀

What Makes You Feel Spiritually Fulfilled?

I feel spiritually fulfilled anytime I successfully put into practise all the many teachings I get to hear from anointed speakers like @pauladefarasin @bishopjakes @stevenfurtick and @ifeanyiadefarasin most especially. ⠀

If you want to be a true #Christian, you can’t just hear the #Word and not apply it, you’ve got to go out there and do it too! ⠀

So on day 51, I talked about #forgiveness. That’s one of the things we’re taught as Christians by the #Bible to do so even though the process can be a bit painful, I still feel fulfilled when I actually practicalize forgiving somebody. 🙏⠀

The same goes with practicalizing concepts like #praying and #fasting and giving as I’m led to the less privileged, interceding for others, praying for those who have wronged me, etc. ⠀

Another thing that makes me feel spiritually fulfilled is #serving #God. ⠀

#actsofservice is one of my #lovelanguages so anytime I serve in any capacity, I always feel like ok, I’m ready to die and meet my maker. Lol. I always feel super fulfilled. ⠀

Fam, what makes you feel spiritually fulfilled? ⠀

Have You Ever Failed At Something?

Today’s question should have been what things (plural) have you failed at? Lol! I’ve failed at quite a number of things and ironically, I’m the better for it. 😎😁⠀

Now is the perfect time to tell you guys about the fact that when I launched my faith-based website #fisayotuoyodotcom in November 2017, the plan was to write every single day from that day till today. ⠀

Not only did I fail at that but I also failed in an epic way. 😂😂😂😂 ⠀

To be fair to me, I actually managed to do this for 2 months straight so from November till December. Then I took a break as in Christmas break and then came back from January to February so 4 months of consistency. ⠀

I tried right? Nah, not in my own opinion o. I set a goal and I didn’t meet it. That to me is failure pure and simple. ⠀

I’ll also consider the fact that I had never done anything like that before so it was another mitigating factor, however, I know I could have done better. ⠀

This #writingchallenge is for all the reasons I gave when I started it (to build discipline and consistency as a habit, to flex my creative muscles and to just have mad, pure, unadulterated fun despite all the challenges). ⠀

It is ALSO to redeem that time I lost and the opportunity to do all the reasons I just gave and more and so help me #God, I’m doing it! And guess what? I am having the time of my life. 😀💃⠀

The best part about it for me is the fact that now, other writers are on this journey with me. Check out the hashtag to view their stories #334dayswithfis @ono_hogan @aniebiet06 @toluwalope_temenu @imaniking02 ⠀

Failure is indeed the road to success and I thank #God every day for that. Like they say, “Failure is an orphan, success has many friends.” and it can only keep getting better after you’ve failed. 😎🙏⠀

Fam, have you ever failed at something?⠀ ⠀

What Are You Really Good At?

I’m really good at expressing myself through #words whether it’s #writing or speaking. It’s the one thing that if you woke me up from sleep, a gun to my head and you asked me to on the spot, I would be able to do it without going blank. 😁⠀

I was the only Science student who studied literature in English when I was in Secondary School. Naturally, everyone thought I had lost the plot when I chose that instead of Geography or whatever the other option was. ⠀

Well, I proved all my naysayers wrong when at the end of every term for 3 years, I was more or less always the best student. This ultimately led to me winning the best overall student in the subject when we finally graduated out of the school. 🙏⠀

I don’t still fully understand why I went ahead into the world of science for my higher education. I guess I figured, I would have better job security. Lol. ⠀

Anyways, all things have worked and are still working out together for my good because I’m back where I belong i.e. In the world of #contentcreation #storytelling #marketing and all things #digitalmedia. ⠀

God has a sense of humour because it’s just the perfect timing for me to be in this space. After all, it hasn’t been up to 20 years that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat existed. So now I see it as, I wasn’t late to the party, I was actually right on time. 😁😎🙏⠀

It’s funny, the last proper Oil and Gas job, I had required me to #write quite a lot for #feasibilitystudies#businessproposals and bid proposals. Lol. Later some people will say God does not have a sense of humour. 😋😉😊⠀

Even while I was still fully in the world of Engineering and Oil and Gas, God was preparing me to be in the #creative industry fully. ⠀
Oh, I’m also really good at #cooking and #baking. I just love it and I love experimenting and trying out new things. ⠀

Fam, what are you really good at? ⠀ ⠀

What Inspires You?

How cheesy am I for saying words inspire me? Actually, it’s not cheesy because this very tangible physical world we live in and we see and interact with everyday was created through the power of the spoken #Word of #God. Literally. ⠀

I mean, He drew a deep breath and said with His baritone voice (it’s God, His voice is baritone, I mean, common! 😁) “Let there be light!” and BOOM! Light appeared seemingly out of thin air. ⠀

Is that not just wild? Is that not just fantastic? Is that not just the coolest thing ever? 😎⠀

Words have the power to make or break. There’s life and death in the tongue. Literally! ⠀
Yesterday, I talked about #forgiveness. Think about it, most of the time when people hurt you, it’s usually as a result of something negative they said or did. ⠀

The wrong words spoken over you can change the course of your destiny, the right words spoken to you have the power to transform you from zero to hero. 😎🙏⠀

I’m so glad God led me to be part of my #Church @houseontherockchurch where I learnt how to make declarations and to apply them. Since 2017, my prayers have not been the same. They are more potent and powerful and it’s all because most of my prayers now begin with me saying, “I decree and declare.” ⠀

Last year the #testimonies I had, a number of them were as a result of consistent declarations I made every day whenever I prayed. ⠀

Words are powerful and the spoken #Word of God has an incredible impact. I’m a living testimony. So yeah, the spoken word of God inspires me every single day and has a profound impact on my life. 🙏⠀

Fam, what inspires you?⠀ ⠀

How Easy Is It For You To Forgive?

To be very honest, it’s not very easy for me to forgive. I tend to hold on to grudges for a while and guess what? The joke is on me because holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the party you’re grudging against to die. 😋⠀

So these days, with the help of the #HolySpirit, I’ve taken the “I forgive you in advance route.” So now, I expect less from people generally speaking and also when people offend me, I have an I expected it kind of attitude so I’m like meh, whatever and it’s easier to let go and forgive. 🙏⠀

I’m also conscious of the fact these days that the world we live in may be sometimes very unfair, harsh and super unjust but #God the Creator of the Universe is fair and just. That and the fact that #Jesus literally came to earth to die for my sins so I could be forgiven of my sins once and for all, so who am I not to forgive? 🤷⠀

Like I said, it’s still a work in progress but it’s getting so much easier to forgive. Thank God today’s prompt didn’t add “and to forget” because omo that’s a whole different kettle of fish. Lol. 😋⠀

On a serious note though, I find that the more you learn to process forgiveness quicker, the easier it gets. Oh yes, forgiveness is a process. Sometimes you may have to forgive the same person more than once for the same offence depending on how serious it was. ⠀

Fam, how easy is it for you to forgive when you’re offended? ⠀