When Do You Feel Lonley?

I said this when I was a little girl and it really resonated with my #granddad. As tiny as I was, I realised I usually feel more lonely when I’m in the midst of a #crowd. Can anyone else relate? ⠀

Loneliness often hits when you’re in the midst of a crowd of people and you realise how lonely you actually are, crowd notwithstanding. ⠀

Come to think of it, I hardly ever feel this way whenever I’m alone with my actual self, in fact, I love my own company.⠀

I guess that’s one of life’s many mysteries. ⠀

Fam, when do you feel lonely?⠀

The First Time I Felt Truly Independent

This has to be when I lived alone for the first time in my life all the way in far away #Scotland #Edinburgh. I mean, I was paying #rent and #bills and all that good stuff. ⠀

I was literally calling the shots and making decisions and everything and it felt good! Not once was I scared that’s the weird part. ⠀

Independence is underrated, more people should try it out and speak about their experiences.⠀

Fam, when was the first time you felt truly independent? ⠀

A Letter To An Enemy

Dear enemy, ⠀

It’s really not a secret anymore that there’s no more love lost between us. I’m wondering why this writing prompt people are making me write this letter to you in the first place? ⠀

Maybe I’m on my dying bed or maybe you are, who knows? ⠀
Maybe, our enmity has lasted for way too long and it’s time to finally bury the hatchet. Maybe they knew that the only way this would end was if I wrote this letter to you. ⠀

Who knows what may happen in the future but one thing is for sure, I don’t want to die with you still my enemy. So how about we turn this water into sweet wine? We’ve seen the dark side, let’s try the light. What do you think? I hope you say yes!⠀

Regards, ⠀
Your former enemy. ⠀

Fam, what would you say to your enemy if you had the chance to?⠀

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

In these times of #covid19, I’m wary about writing these kinds of timeline things now o because omo, anything can shele. Anything can happen! 🤷🤦🤷⠀

Notwithstanding, I do see myself as being more established in everything I currently do in the exciting world of #business #media and #writing by God’s grace. 😎😁🙏⠀

I also see myself as being a #mrs somebody by that time as well by God’s grace and some little humans demanding every bit of my time as well. Lol. 👪⠀

#2025 is lit already by the special grace of God and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.😁😎💃🕺👯⠀

Fam, where do you see yourself in 5 years?⠀

Describe A Time When You Felt Vengeful

Lol. One of my work colleagues back in the day once told me quite publicly to shut up in an open office space. 😮😲😐⠀

I don’t make these things up yo! It happened in a professional work environment, you read that right. 😂⠀

Let’s just say, I waited till the right moment when he fell into a deep trap I had set for him. 😈⠀

The long and short of the story was by the time I was done with him, he ended up in the VI branch of our office. 😈⠀

This guy was so desperate for power, he would have preferred to be in the #Ikoyi office, which was the seat of #management #power.⠀

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Lol. 😝⠀

Thank #God for Him working on that aspect of me. Now, I leave it to #God coz I’ve seen He’s so much better at that than me and all of us to be honest. ⠀

Revenge is never the best, just let it go and let God deal with it. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽⠀

Fam, when was a time you felt vengeful? What did you do? ⠀

Was There Anything Noteworthy About Your Mother’s Upbringing?

The fact that she was an active #sportswoman while in Secondary School. Apparently, she was a legend in #track and #field. I still find this really hard to believe hence my use of the word apparently. Lol. ⠀

Even one or two of her friends have told me and I’m like nah fam, it’s not possible. Lol. If you met my #mom today, you would understand why I’m so sceptical or maybe I’m just a hater. Lol. ⠀

Notwithstanding, it’s pretty noteworthy with or without my doubt. Go, mom! 😍😘🤗⠀

Fam, was there anything noteworthy about your mother’s upbringing? ⠀

Who Was Your Favourite Relative When You Were Young?

Hmnnn, in the last 143 days, I’ve talked about how I was quite close to my grandparents. (Mother’s side) Without a doubt, it remains my #grandparents. ⠀

They spoilt me but not so much that I became a #brat. They were pretty cool, I can’t lie. ⠀

They take the prize hands down and they were my favourite growing up.⠀

Fam, who was your favourite relative when you were young? ⠀

Foods I Hate

First off, #happybirthday to me! 💃💃💃💃🍾🥂⠀

I’m doing a writing challenge for the first time ever on my birthday. Exciting times! Defo a memorable birthday for sure! 😎😎😎🙏⠀

I declare over my life in this new year and always, the #God of Glory will make me #intelligent and #discerning in knowing Him personally. ⠀

And that my eyes will be #focused and #clear so that I can see exactly what it is He is calling me to do. Amen! ⠀

So back to today’s prompt, I can’t stand #oats, not even the smell. It’s so bad that if it’s in any dessert in dry form, I immediately don’t like it or can’t really eat or enjoy it anymore. ⠀

It’s one of the reasons I don’t like all these granola or healthy snack bars. They tend to have oats in them. ⠀

I also don’t like #broccoli although I have to admit, it’s mostly because of the way it looks. ⠀

Fam, what foods do you hate? ⠀