My Worst Mistake

I don’t believe in stuff like worst mistakes because of my #faith in #God. The #Bible says in Romans 8:28 that all things work TOGETHER for GOOD for those who are the called according to God’s plans and purposes. ⠀

Sure I’ve made some mistakes along the way but they got me to where I am today. Yes, they hurt sometimes but ultimately everything ended up working out one way or another even though at the time, it seemed like it wasn’t going to. 🙏⠀

Fam, what’s your worst mistake?⠀

If You Could Be Invisible, What Would You Do?

I’m beginning to get deja vu now, I swear I’ve talked about this in the last 181 days before? 🤷Anyways, if I could be invisible, I would become an international spy. 😎 ⠀
I would literally trade information for huge sums of money to the highest bidder. 😎⠀

Imagine having top secret information from organisations that thrive on activities like terrorism and then selling them to intelligence organisations like the #cia or #mi5 or #mi6. bruh! ⠀

Fam, if you could be invisible, what would you do?⠀

My Favourite Type Of Food

I definitely love #dairy #foods. In the last 180 days, I’ve mentioned my love for #icecream so much, you guys should be tired by now. I’ve also mentioned my love for #baking and #confectionery and #dairyproducts play a huge role in most baked goods so yeah. 😁😎😀⠀

As I write this, now I suddenly have a craving for #yoghurt lol. ⠀

Fam, what’s your favourite type of food? (#Vegetables#Fruits#Grains#legumes#nuts and #seeds#Meat and #poultry#Fish and #seafood? Dairy? #Eggs?) ⠀

What Olympic Event Would You Compete In?

#Swimming! Without a doubt. If they decide to reject me for any reason, there’s always the #winetasting and or #foodstasting category. 😂😂😋😁⠀

Yeah, it will be a real thing if I’m a participant in any #olympic event, you just watch. 😎Lol. Oh and I will win too! 😁😋😎 ⠀

For real though, they should add #cookoffs and #bakeoffs to the Olympics tho. Dear Olympic Committee, how far? ⠀

Fam, which Olympic event would you compete in? ⠀

What Does Courage Mean To You?

Courage to me means having the #guts to say and or do the right thing even if it’s not just going to make you unpopular with everyone else but most likely #hated. ⠀

Today, we still celebrate the courage of people like #MartinLutherKing and #NelsonMandela and the other great men and women who stood up for the rights of others who were unfairly persecuted simply because of the colour of their skin. This, of course, led to them being persecuted but we are still all enjoying the benefits of their sacrifice. It’s never easy but it’s always worth it. ⠀

On the spiritual side, the 12 #disciples or #apostles were men of courage in my own opinion. They literally died to make sure the message of the #gospel was spread to the ends of the world like #Jesus instructed. ⠀

So yeah, courage to me is doing the right thing at all times no matter the negativity, trolls, persecution or setbacks.⠀

Fam, what does courage mean to you? ⠀

A Healthy Food That I Love

I love fresh fish!!!!!! Fish is much healthier than #poultry and #redmeat so yeah, I love #fish. Especially meals like #smokedfish, fish in #peppersoup (think #catfish pepper soup and co), #smokedsalmon, etc. ⠀

Fish inside draw soup like #okra #ogbono, etc. ⠀
Whole #Bbqfish and #chips or #yam, etc. ⠀

Are you hungry yet? Lol.⠀

Fam, what’s one healthy food you love? ⠀

What 3 People Would You Take On A Trip Around The World?

I would take my #futurehusband, my #mother and @maureenokolo for sure! I’m now here wondering if I want to do one trip with all 3 of them at the same time? Or an individual one with each of them? Hehehehehe.⠀

Fam, what 3 people would you take on a trip around the world?⠀

If You Could Become An Expert In Something, What?

I would say I’d like to become an expert #advisor especially when it came to #government and #politics. It’s the one area I’m not so fluent and versatile with so that’s why I chose it. I know that if I had the right teacher(s), I would enjoy learning it so much to the point where I became an expert.⠀

That whole world may be full of #drama and madness but that’s the appeal. Imagine being the expert advisor to the most powerful man/woman in the world? Think about it!

Maybe I watch too much #gameofthrones but I think I would do a pretty good job. hehehe. ⠀

Fam, if you could become an expert in something, what?⠀

What Country Would You Like To Visit?

So technically speaking, Antarctica is not a #Country, it’s a #continent but honestly speaking, it has to be #Antartica so I can be like yeah, I’ve been there. ⠀
My stay won’t be more than 24 hours sha. Wetin concern #blackgirlmagic with #extremecold? Lol. ⠀

Fam, what’s a country you would like to visit? ⠀