My Favourite Halloween Costume

I don’t have any but it would be fun to dress up as a sexy Santa during Halloween and just confuse everybody lol since this tradition is all about scary outfits yeah? Lol. Yeah, I can be extra like that when I’m in the mood. ⠀

Fam, what’s your favourite Halloween costume? ⠀

Describe Your Family Dynamic

It’s pretty chilled most of the time, to be honest, and other times, there’s drama like you wouldn’t believe. I try not to add to the #drama and like to keep to myself which drives some people up the wall but hey, guess what? Las, las, dem do dey alright. ⠀

Fam, what’s your family dynamic like? ⠀

A Time I Felt Included

When I lived in #Edinburgh, in my small group/home Church, we did this thing where we took turns to cook for each other/host for our weekly fellowship. ⠀

It could be in your house or in someone else’s house and I’ve never felt so bonded to other humans in my life. It was pretty awesome and did a pretty good job of making everyone feel included, whether you could cook or not. The inclusion and bonding were in the effort, to be honest. ⠀

The most important thing was to refresh others and be a good host and make others feel welcome by including them and showing them the love of #Christ. ⠀

Fam, when’s a time you felt included? ⠀