A Time I Found It Difficult To Forgive Someone

Mhen, I had to keep giving it to God until I got over it because it was really tough…⠀
I would think about the person and mhen I’d get angry and #God would be like give him/her to me and I’d literally say, “God I give xyz person to you.” ⠀

It sounds funny now but it wasn’t funny back then and I’m so glad I was eventually able to get over it because fam, unforgiveness hurts you more than it hurts the other person.⠀

Fam, when was a time you found it difficult to forgive someone. ⠀

Some Small Moments From Today That Brought Me Joy

Honestly, it has to be the rest I was able to get. I love Sundays because no matter how “busy” they are, they are still more chilled than other days of the week. ⠀

I also love #Sundayservice and a chance to refresh my #faith and connect with other Saints of the Most High #God. ⠀

Fam, what are some of the small moments from today that brought you joy? ⠀

A Relationship You Would Like To Improve

Honestly, I would like a chance to improve the relationship between me and anyone I don’t particularly get along with. ⠀

Although it goes without saying, there’s a certain percentage of people who won’t like you no matter what. The same goes for you not liking other people. 😋⠀

Anyways, nothing spoil, 7 billion-plus people on the planet. Las, las, we do all dey alright. 😎⠀

Fam, what’s a relationship you would like to improve? ⠀