What I’m Most Looking Forward To Next Year

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we made it to the final day of the challenge! Thank you all for reading, your comments, likes, shares, the love, everything! ⠀

We lost some, we gained some more but most importantly, from February 1st 2020 till December 31st, we stayed #consistent and had fun #writing on the gram for three hundred and thirty-four days!!! Whoop whoop whoop! ⠀

It has to be more well-paid opportunities to flex my creative juices and muscle. Also to have fun, be free to socialise and genuinely not worry about getting sick. ⠀

Cheers to 2021 being a #pandemicfree year! ⠀

See you, next year folks! ⠀

The Best Book I Read This Year

I’m amazed at how much reading I got done this year, to be honest not because of a lack of time but because of how busy this year was. Anyhoo, the truth is it’s hard to pick but I did enjoy reading a book on #leadership and #management called #therulesofmanagement. ⠀

Fam, what was the best book you read this year? ⠀

The Best Movie I Saw In Theatres This Year

Yo! With this whole #covid19 drama, I legit didn’t get to see any movie in the cinema this year like play, like play. However, I did watch A LOT of movies, in the safety of my home this year. ⠀

My favourite out of all the movies I saw were #insideout by #pixarstudios and the movie #hustlers so yeah, that’s me. ⠀

Fam, what’s the best movie you saw in theatres this year? ⠀

A Letter To My Son Or Nephew

My darling son, my mini oko me mine, ⠀

You know I can’t wait to meet you! So much so that I’ve already named you. I can’t wait to tell you the story of how when your #father heard about this, he either accepted peacefully or lowkey we fought about it. ⠀

Yes, I’m writing this letter before I met your dad so I don’t know how it will pan out but the truth is, I think he’s going to love and agree with the name I’ve already picked out for you. ⠀

Dear son, I’m thankful already for how loving and protective you are towards your sister and me. I also already admire your leadership skills, no matter what position you are in the family. Unlike your sisters, I don’t believe we’re going to have too many fights. ⠀

Last but certainly not least, I can’t wait to shower and overwhelm you with love. ⠀

With love, ⠀

The coolest, most jaiye mom on planet earth. ⠀

Fam, what would you say to your future son if you had a chance? ⠀

My Thoughts On Body Image

I think people need to be comfortable in their own skin, whether slim, fat, tall, short, dark or light-skinned. ⠀

I also looooveeee people such as #Beyonce #NikiMinaj#thekardashians etc who don’t fit into the typical stereotypes of what it means to be beautiful today i.e. skinny but yet they embrace, flaunt and celebrate their curves. ⠀

So yeah, body image is a powerful force to be reckoned with and plays an important role in how women and men carry themselves. ⠀

Shalla to all the short men who have confidence for daaysssssssss and don’t let nobody tell them otherwise. Y’all are doing well. ⠀

Fam, what are your thoughts on body image? ⠀

How Have You Improved Yourself This Year?

By doing this #writingchallenge for a whopping 330 days so far! Yo! Only 5 days left. I am legit so proud of myself to be very honest and I think this version of me as of today is definitely much better than this same me on this same day in 2019. ⠀

It has made me realise I can be #consistent and #focused on a particular task/challenge for a long period of time. Tbh, the length of time of this challenge was the real challenge and not the writing itself, oddly enough. ⠀

It’s still a work in progress but 2020 Fisayo Tuoyo is much better at managing her emotions than 2019 Fisayo Tuoyo. The new and improved me is also more strategic and intentional when dealing with life’s difficulties so yeah, well done me! Let’s do more in #2021. ⠀

Fam, how have you improved yourself this year? ⠀

My Feelings And Beliefs About The Holidays

First of all, Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours! ⠀

I love the holidays because it’s a holiday! Actual day off and stuff. What’s not to love about that? But on a serious note, I believe and know that #Jesus is the reason for the season so thank you #babyjesus for coming to be born! ⠀

I’m also a firm believer of the #christmasseason being all about bringing #families closer together. I can’t wait to spend Christmas day with my #futurehusband and #futurekids. ⠀

Fam, what are your feelings and beliefs about the holidays? ⠀

The Most Valuable Lesson You’ve Learned This Year

The one thing that definitely kept reinforcing itself to me over and over again was this – things, people and situations are never as they seem. You’ve got to be on high alert and be discerning at all times so you can spot the fakes and the almost real. ⠀

Also with the whole #covid19 saga, it was definitely a reminder that life is short and we should not take any single day for granted because eyan le ku any effing time mhen. (Someone can die any effing time mhen)⠀

So live your best life and don’t let anybody tell you nonsense and be appreciative of your life every single day!⠀

Fam, what’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned this year? ⠀