What I’m Most Looking Forward To Next Year

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we made it to the final day of the challenge! Thank you all for reading, your comments, likes, shares, the love, everything! ⠀

We lost some, we gained some more but most importantly, from February 1st 2020 till December 31st, we stayed #consistent and had fun #writing on the gram for three hundred and thirty-four days!!! Whoop whoop whoop! ⠀

It has to be more well-paid opportunities to flex my creative juices and muscle. Also to have fun, be free to socialise and genuinely not worry about getting sick. ⠀

Cheers to 2021 being a #pandemicfree year! ⠀

See you, next year folks! ⠀

Where Do You See Yourself In One Year?

As I write this even in the midst of this whole #covid19 pandemic and its aftershocks and all the things associated with it, including #lockdowns this is a very loaded question. ⠀
A year ago, how could I have fathomed this would be happening in the world on such a global scale? ⠀

Anyways, life is about positive vibes, right? That said, I see myself in one year most likely in a position I never dreamed I would be in. The truth is I don’t know exactly what it will be in but permit me to use Nigerian parlance and say, “Omo levels go don change o.” ⠀

Next time you see me, take a selfie with me, lol because I see myself as having “blown” in a year’s time. Hehehe. Be rest assured that because God is actively involved in my matter, the chances of me telling you “excuse me, who are you?” even though I know who you are pretty slim. ⠀

Aka, I fear God o. Lol. No #prouding here. 😋⠀

Fam, where do you see yourself in one year? ⠀

What’s Your Wildest Dream?

My wildest dream is the ability to become invisible at will. I would use this superpower in combination with another superpower which is flying. Just imagine being able to fly around unseen. 😁 Oh, the things I would do! Haha! ⠀

Don’t even get me started on a certain state in #Nigeria and the fact that this is a very funny stereotype about them. Lol. ⠀

Anyhoo before I get into trouble with some of my followers who are from that state, fam, what’s your wildest dream? ⠀