A Letter To My Son Or Nephew

My darling son, my mini oko me mine, ⠀

You know I can’t wait to meet you! So much so that I’ve already named you. I can’t wait to tell you the story of how when your #father heard about this, he either accepted peacefully or lowkey we fought about it. ⠀

Yes, I’m writing this letter before I met your dad so I don’t know how it will pan out but the truth is, I think he’s going to love and agree with the name I’ve already picked out for you. ⠀

Dear son, I’m thankful already for how loving and protective you are towards your sister and me. I also already admire your leadership skills, no matter what position you are in the family. Unlike your sisters, I don’t believe we’re going to have too many fights. ⠀

Last but certainly not least, I can’t wait to shower and overwhelm you with love. ⠀

With love, ⠀

The coolest, most jaiye mom on planet earth. ⠀

Fam, what would you say to your future son if you had a chance? ⠀

A Letter To My Daughter Or Niece

My dearest, darling, daughter, ⠀

To say I can’t wait to meet you is the understatement of this year #2020. I know you will light up my life even more with your joy and laughter and I can’t wait to experience it. ⠀

I can’t wait for your arrival to make me “feel old.” I can’t wait to teach you secrets, tips and tricks that I’ve learn about this thing called life. I also can’t wait for our mother-daughter fights because disagreements are a natural part of life. ⠀

Last but certainly not the least, I can’t wait to shower and overwhelm you with love. ⠀

With love, ⠀

The coolest, most jaiye mom on planet earth. ⠀

Fam, what would you say to your future daughter if you had a chance? ⠀

A Letter To Someone You Need To Forgive

Dear #humanbeing who had the audacity and capacity to hurt me this deep, ⠀
I will keep it short and simple today and simply say this one thing from the bottom of my heart…⠀

The road to our reconciliation may be full of shaky uncertainty however, my decision to forgive you on this auspicious #August day is most definitely a step in the right direction. ⠀

I really do hope that you also forgive me if I offended you in any way as well. ⠀
Yours sincerely, ⠀

Fam, what would you write to someone who needed to extend some forgiveness to.⠀

A Letter To Someone Who Has Always Believed In You

Dear life encourager,

Thank you for believing in me! I wouldn’t be here today without your #love#support and #encouragement spurring me along.

Thanks for seeing things in me I didn’t even know I carried and for finding creative ways to bring them out of me with great skill and dexterity.

With love,

A Letter To A Friend

Dear friend, ⠀

Thank you for your friendship over the years, we have had some good times and stuck together through the not so great albeit harsh times. ⠀
Thanks for always being there for me even when it seemed like the whole world was against me. I’m grateful for all the ways our friendship has evolved over the years and continues to grow beautifully. ⠀

Indeed, our friendship is not like the flowers referred to in the Bible by Jesus about how they may be dressed in splendour and glory but they are here today and gone tomorrow. ⠀

Oh no, our friendship is more solid than that, so much more! It’s like a sequoia tree which lasts for forever. I say forever because they last as much as 3,000 years and we both know humans don’t live that long.⠀

My point is we have a solid friendship which will continue to withstand the test of time and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thanks for being that type of friend where we don’t have to speak every day but every time we do, we reconnect like there was no gap in communication. ⠀

P.s. Return my cute red dress ASAP or this friendship is over! Lol. Just joking, love ya!⠀ ⠀
Yours dearly, ⠀
Fis. ⠀

A Letter To The Editor Of My Favourite Magazine

I don’t have a favourite #magazine at the moment so I have nothing to say to the #editor rather, unfortunately. ⠀

However, I will ask you guys the following;⠀

1. What’s your favourite magazine? ⠀

2. If you had a chance to write a brief letter to say to them, what would you say to them? ⠀

A Letter To Help Organise Your Thoughts

Hey Fis! ⠀

Fis darling, Fis baby! I trust this meets you well and in good health. ⠀

Alright, first things first, I’m the perfect person to write to you, after all, who knows you better than yourself right? Well, apart from #God but you get the point. 😎⠀

So you tend to have A LOT, A LOT of thoughts in the space of a few seconds much less in a day. The best advice I can give you right now is, break things down and make them as simple as possible. It really helps to declutter your mind. ⠀

Also, yes you’re a woman and you can multitask naturally and that’s fabulous and all but you need to practise focusing on one thing at a time. Finish that task BEFORE moving on the next one. ⠀

I hope these tips help you out. ⠀

Love, ⠀
Your sometimes scattered #brain. ⠀
Xoxo ⠀

Dear Past Me

Dear Past Fisayo, ⠀

I trust this meets you well and in good health. ⠀

First things first, stop being such a worrier and calm down; everything is literally working out for your good. Yes really! The good, the bad, the ugly, the disappointments, the twists, the turns, the betrayals, the confusion, the unexpected, every single thing is working out. ⠀

The pain, the sleepless nights, the persecution, the trials, the mistakes, the failures, the successes, the highs and the lows! ⠀

If only you could see what I see and experience what I experience, it’s all so beautiful, it’s all so glorious, it’s so much more, exceedingly, abundantly more than you could ever have thought, asked or imagined! ⠀

It may sound too good to be true due to your current circumstances, I understand but I do want you to do us a favour, I need you to hang on to your #faith like your life depends on it because it does. ⠀

You see friends will come and go; good and bad circumstances will pass and everything will be just fine. ⠀

Yes, you know that annoying expression to us, “This too shall pass.” It’s true! Those annoying people who say it are on to something and guess what, in the future you start saying it too! Ah yes, the passing of time and going through life events will change you in ways you never thought possible. ⠀

Don’t get me wrong, the #future is not perfect (we still live on #earth after all) but it is so much better than the #past. All you need to do is just keep trusting and believing in #God and doing all He asks you to do and you will be fine. ⠀

Man may not have your back but you’ve got the Big Daddy Himself in #Heaven on your side and that’s all you truly need mami! ⠀
See you soon! ⠀

Love, ⠀
Future Fisayo. ⠀

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