How Have You Improved Yourself This Year?

By doing this #writingchallenge for a whopping 330 days so far! Yo! Only 5 days left. I am legit so proud of myself to be very honest and I think this version of me as of today is definitely much better than this same me on this same day in 2019. ⠀

It has made me realise I can be #consistent and #focused on a particular task/challenge for a long period of time. Tbh, the length of time of this challenge was the real challenge and not the writing itself, oddly enough. ⠀

It’s still a work in progress but 2020 Fisayo Tuoyo is much better at managing her emotions than 2019 Fisayo Tuoyo. The new and improved me is also more strategic and intentional when dealing with life’s difficulties so yeah, well done me! Let’s do more in #2021. ⠀

Fam, how have you improved yourself this year? ⠀

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